My Approach

My work with many organizations over many years has lead me to develop a standard approach that guides all of my work and relationships.

I am your partner, advocate and adviser.

No matter the project, I am your single source marketing contact. I regularly message, chat and email with my clients on projects but also to provide information, resources and answer questions. Every project is an opportunity for me to build a relationship and to make my clients lives easier. For my clients, no matter the marketing need or issue, they always know who to call - me.

Your mission is my mission.

Your mission and vision are the most important guiding principles of your organization. For this reason, every new client I have starts with a "Discovery" phase to get to know you, your mission, team, organization and community. From that point forward all marketing we do is focused on your mission and specifically targeted for your audience and community. (For larger projects or longer term relationships, I also schedule on-site visits to your offices or Centers).

Always one single fee.

I know that one of your biggest struggles can be budgets and financial restrictions so no matter the size or scope of the project, I only work with lump sum fees. This ensures that from before we start until the project is absolutely complete, you know how much everything will cost and will never have to deal with the surprises of hourly fees.

Deadlines are always met.

Your time is valuable and your needs are important. I provide thorough project schedules and always meet our agreed upon deadlines, so you never have the surprises and headaches of projects going too long or the uncertainty of unmet deadlines.